Advanced Dental Services & Technology

Modern Dentistry
Driven by Data

Dr. Vatavuk is always staying on top of the latest research and education within his field, allowing him to make decisions on which technologies will actually make a difference in the patient’s experience. He’s not interested in gimmicks or trying to upsell anyone; instead, he uses a data-driven approach to determining which services, tools, and techniques create the most positive outcome for your smile and oral health. Feel free to learn a bit more about his dental office’s technology below!

Digital X-Rays

Patient receiving digital x-rays

In the past, digital X-rays used to take days to complete, require harsh chemicals to process, and give off excess and unnecessary radiation. Today, dental X-rays are all-digital, and that is certainly no exception at Dr. Vatavuk’s dental office. Not only do digital X-rays take only minutes to complete, but they require no harsh chemicals and give off up to 85% less radiation on average. Of course, our team always takes necessary precautions and follows strict safety protocols to protect you during routine diagnostic X-rays regardless.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist using intraoral camera to capture smile images

Communicating with patients and building a relationship based on trust is incredibly important to Dr. Vatavuk. Using an intraoral camera, our team can capture high-resolution images of your mouth and display them on a nearby monitor for closer examination. Not only does this give you a more detailed look at the current condition of your smile, but it allows us to explain dental issues more effectively as well as break down why we may recommend certain treatments to protect your oral health.