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The following are verbatim E-mails recieved from patients (names deleted for privacy): An e-mail from a CEO of an international healthcare technology company, who is also the son of a retired dental school professor, (also a patient,) regarding the placement of two porcelain/ceramic crowns (caps) on his upper two front teeth:
"Larry, Thank you very much for doing such a terrific job. It was an absolute joy to work with you and Gloria and I always had confidence that you would get a great result at the end."

From a recent petition asking the City of Palo Alto City Council to continue providing parking permits to local employees:
"I enjoy the services of an incredibly gifted and professional dental office in Palo Alto, Dr. Wong on Homer Avenue. It took many years after relocating from Southern California to find a dental office with the consistent level of excellence shared by each and every member of his dental practice. Having this practice integrated with the community in its current location is an essential aspect of the experience of having a workable as well as livable community."

An e-mail from an East Coast parent of a Stanford student: "Dear Janet,
Wanted to thank you again for fitting our son into the busy schedule there. He just called and spent nearly 15 minutes singing the praises of your clinic -- and teaching me a good deal about dental care to boot!!!! He said, "Talk about excellence in a profession!" Honestly, as a teenager, he typically speaks in brief sentences to us. This was quite a striking contrast, and a real testimony to the type of care he received there.
Many thanks,
P.S. And he actually plans to floss now . . . !"

The following are unedited reviews taken verbatim from various dentist review websites. (Names deleted for privacy)
This review is years past due. Dr Wong was my one and only dentist until the age of 28. I credit him for making me comfortable with going to the dentist. I was not always a model patient and he managed to keep my teeth in excellent condition with only two cavities and a freak root canal (which was the most pleasant experience by someone he recommended). After having such a wonderful dentist no one even compares and I have been jumping from dentist to dentist trying to find a good replacement. Wish my insurance covered Dr. Wong and have even considered paying out of pocket just to go see him.Parents: take your kids to him so they don't have a fear of the dentist. Plus the toy chest was the highlight of every visit."

"★★★★★ Dr. Wong is a wonderful dentist. Our whole famly has gone to him for many ears and always had excellent care. I have a whole mouthful of beautifully done dentistry thanks to his careful and caring work. We are always grateful to have a dentist we can trust so thoroughly with our rather poor teeth and who always has ideas for things we can do to preserve what we have. I would recomend him to anyone. About hygienist: Wonderful hygenists, too. We are thoroughly satisfied and always have been"

"A" "He is a nice person, and I like him a lot. He is very personable and cares about his patients. He is a perfect dentist and is always available. He uses very up-to-date technology in the office. I would rate him highly and would continue to use him till he retires."

"A" "Everything is perfect. He gives it to you straight. He is very patient friendly and a very nice guy. His staff is also excellent."
"★★★★★ My family of 5 have been going to Dr. Wong for 17 years. 15 years ago we moved but have such complete confidence in his dental abilities that we have always chosen to drive the 35+ minutes to him and have never considered finding a dentist closer to home. He (and the rest of his staff) are all extremely kind, compassionate and have utmost professionalism in all they do. Over the years we have had a couple of emergency situations and they have been handled immediately with outstanding outcomes. I would urge anyone looking for a dentist to go to Dr. Wong as I can confidently say that they will be extremely happy and find the whole experience of visiting the dentist a pleasant one."

"★★★★★ My family and I have been going to Dr. Wong for as long as I can remember. The staff is amazing... Janet, the front desk admin, is extremely knowledgeable and can help figure out insurance claims etc. And, she's very sweet and welcoming. Dr. Wong is personable, always listens to what I want (even if he doesn't necessarily agree), has a passion for dentistry, and does a great job keeping my oral health and hygiene in top shape!"

“★★★★★ Dr. Larry Wong is one of the best, if not the best, dentist in the Palo Alto area! He is a very, very good dentist and is respected by his patients and colleagues. He sees adults and children and his chair side manner is outstanding! A definite five stars!!”

“★★★★★ let me preface first by saying I do not like or enjoy going to a dentist due to childhood dental trauma. Dr. Laurence Wong is great! he knows my issues, respects them and in no way makes me feel ridiculous. i see him every 6 months [despite living an hour away] and have done so for about 15 years now. i can't recommend him enough. Dr. Wong went to Palo Alto High and returned to practice in the community. you just can't go wrong if you make an appointment with him.”

"A" "He has been my dentist for 30 years. When I got married, my husband started going to him. Later, my kids went to him. I would highly recommend him. He is honest and direct. He does good work. He is very sensitive to my needs. I will continue to use his services in the future

"A" "I moved cross-country and needed a new dentist. My sister and her family have been using Dr. Wong for many years. I could not have been more pleased with him and his entire office! This was by far the most thorough attention I have received from any dentist in my 50+ years. Dr. Wong does NOT oversell, as did one of my prior dentists. His recommendations are conservative and he told me the only tooth that needs attention could wait a few months if I preferred. Amazing people, and highly skilled and GENTLE!”

"A" “I have been going to him for the last 25 years. He is really smart, proactive and extremely knowledgeable.”

“★★★★★ Excellent in all ways. I’ve been going to Dr. Wong for my whole life and I have had nothing but positive experiences. That includes my memories of going to the dentist as a kid, and that is saying something!!”

“★★★★★ My family and I have been going to Dr. Wong for more than twenty-five years. He is an outstanding dentist and person. Professional, friendly, gentle, intelligent, human”

“★★★★★ Dr. Wong has a very pleasant clinic and he and his staff are very professional.”

“★★★★★ My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Wong for over 20 years and have nothing but praise for his honesty and quality of service and staff. When prescribing treatments he always provides full disclosure and alternate procedures. He works with some of the best specialists in the area, especially in the area of oral surgery and implants.”

"★★★★★ dr. wong has been our family dentist for as long as i can remember, and i'm sure long before i had teeth! my mom went (and goes) to him, and took us there all growing up. he is a wonderful, wonderful man - caring, thorough, gentle, friendly, funny, smart and compassionate. this is coming from a girl who had 8 - yes EIGHT - cavities found in her first visit as a child, so that should tell you something. (2 in each back corner of my mouth. what can i say, my mom was a total health nut and i snuk candy whenever i could b/c it was so forbidden in our house. obviously, i would sneak OFTEN.) the staff in dr. wong's office is also great, and always have been. his wife was the dental hygenist when i was growing up, and i believe she still works with him though maybe in a different capacity. the offices have grown over the years, but are always impeccable and welcoming. you could eat off the floor, i'm positive. and i like that there's always a nice children's area with a good selection of books and magazines, as well as a little table for the kids. i think i was first introduced to where's waldo and/or highlights magazine in dr. wong's office. i'm most grateful, though, that he was my introduction to dental care. i have friends who are petrified of going to the dentist b/c of traumatic childhood experiences, and i [thankfully] cannot relate. i actually like going! if i were still in cali, i'd most certainly be still be going to dr. wong. as it is, i still drop by on occasion to say hello when i'm in town. dr. wong saw me through 15 years of regular dental care, braces and minor oral surgery. i've not had any dental issues as an adult and i am 1,000% sure i owe that to him. i've been gone from cali for over 10 years now and i still refer friends back home to dr. wong. he is, hands down, THE BEST."

"★★★★★ Dr. Laurence S. Wong is my dentist. My most recent interaction with him was a month ago for a checkup and cleaning. He has been my dentist for 30 years. When I got married, my husband started going to him. Later, my kids went to him. I would highly recommend him. He is honest and direct. He does good work. He is very sensitive to my needs. I will continue to use his services in the future."

"Great dentist! Friendly, professional, and modern."

"★★★★★ Friendly, professional, and keeps my smile healthy. What more could you ask for?"