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A typical treatment room at our office

Our state-of-the-art sterilization center

Of utmost importance in our office is the compliance of strict disease and infection control rules and regulations as spelled out in the Dental Practice Act, issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Dental Board.  This includes regular, documented training of all staff and sterilization monitoring.  We take great pride in keeping our newly remodeled office immaculate, organized, hygienic, and sterilized wherever possible.

For many years, and at regular intervals, we have voluntarily contracted the services of one of the most highly regarded Dental Compliance and Safety experts in California, Tom Terry.  He has extensive experience as a field inspector, investigator, healthcare consultant and learning strategist.  He has spoken extensively in dental association meetings and seminars.

We are proud to state that our practice has earned from Mr. Terry the title of “Exceptional Dental Office”, (now called Client Honor Roll Member).  Only 2% of dental offices have earned this title.  To earn this title, we have demonstrated on a routine basis that we have “surpassed the requirements that are set by government agencies like Consumer Affairs, Dental Board, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health Services and OSHA.”   

Quality is also of utmost importance in our office.  As CDA states, “the purpose of the peer review system is to resolve disputes that may arise in the delivery of dental services to the public; in particular, disputes regarding the quality and/or appropriateness of dental treatment, utilization (problems related to dental insurance benefits when treatment is questioned), and/or potentially irregular billing practices.”

We take the extra time and effort to get your dentistry completed comfortably, (all treatment rooms have warm water syringes and rinse bowls,) and properly, which means meeting or exceeding CDA’s Standard of Care.  In cases involving more specialized care, we have working relationships with the most outstanding dental specialists in the community. 

Esthetics in cosmetic dentistry is also a top concern.  We work with the top dental laboratories in the area. Our experienced and highly trained porcelain lab technician visits you personally at our office for custom color matching and contouring.  We have worked with him for over 20 years.

We completely remodeled our office several years ago, going completely digital, including digital x-rays, which dramatically reduces radiation exposure to the patient.  We also transitioned to electronic records at that time.  We are proud to say that we use high technology, not for technology’s sake, which could add to patient costs, but in a useful and efficient manner with maximum benefits to the patient.

We handle all insurance filing for you, and our patients have 24/7 emergency coverage.  New patients, children and adults, are always welcome.

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